TITLE: Amanda Kerr Story


LOGLINE: What happens when a young woman finally faces a question she’s avoided for years; God, am I gay?

(Conversations about sexual identity).



She’s been a church youth leader, a missionary, a chaplain and a marketing and communication specialist. Amanda Kerr is a passionate, 29-year-old follower of Jesus Christ who is now beginning her vocation as an ordained Christian minister. Her journey to seminary and ordination has held many difficult decisions. But what has that journey been like for Amanda? Would anyone wish to walk a mile in her shoes? This film gives a glimpse of Amanda’s journey in her own voice.




This series of documentary films are conversations with people who have faced a sexual identity crisis. When religious beliefs and personal experience clash, the crisis of heart, mind and soul can be a torturous journey for many. 


 “Lesbians and gays who reported that religion was important to them were 38 percent more likely to have had recent suicidal thoughts. For lesbians only, religion was associated with a 52 percent increased likelihood of suicidal thinking. Questioning (faith) individuals were almost three times as likely to have attempted suicide recently if they reported that religion was very important to them”.

American Journal of Preventive Medicine

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