What We Do

The focus of our organization is to produce films about social problems in society that affect the lives of ordinary people – in other words by storytelling. Our films are used to draw awareness to a specific cause or problem and to educate communities about how they can affect them.


A secondary benefit of these "cause film" projects is to engage with organizations that are providing solutions to these problems. We aid advocacy organizations by creating a stronger voice for their cause and by providing creative tools to generate support for their missions. The exposure for each project has the potential for local, national and even international impact. Through collaboration with grassroots organizations, film screenings are promoted in cinemas, schools, universities, churches, and on the Internet. These events in turn are used as fundraising mechanisms to benefit the participating organizations.


The third outcome of each project is to create and distribute educational materials to further the influence and reach of the message.


We are also an organization that proudly embarks on producing educational films. We believe that the films we choose to produce fill a void and provide fresh insight into stories that have never been fully told. 

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