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Barnabas and Paul

Genre: Documentary: 60-minutes

Logline: Barnabas was a mentor of the Apostle Paul, facilitated his ministry, inspired his missionary journeys and changed history. So why did he fade into the shadows of Christian history? Is he a forgotten Apostle?


Synopsis: Barnabas: The Forgotten Apostle is a film with a new perspective on the spread of Christianity. Barnabas was a man whose life was changed by his encounter with Jesus Christ. He was one of 70 men who were commissioned by Jesus to preach the good news. Consequently, he sold all his possessions so he could fulfil that mission.


The Apostle Paul is known for his missionary journeys and as a pillar of the early church, but the key to his success was Barnabas. When so many Christians doubted Saul’s conversion and still feared for their lives at his hands, it was Barnabas who believed in him. But Saul’s ministry was floundering after his conversion, so Barnabas invited him to help with the church in Syria. They spent a year together in Antioch and it was there that Saul and Barnabas taught followers of Christ who became known as “Christians.”


It was important that Paul be accepted by the disciples in Jerusalem, and it was through respect for Barnabas that Paul received the blessing of the disciples to preach to the Gentiles. Afterwards, Barnabas persuaded Paul to go with him to his home country of Cyprus. This was their first missionary journey. It was there on Barnabas’s island home that Saul began to be known as Paul. Their ministry together was so powerful that the Roman governor, Sergius Paulus, converted to Christianity. But, the relationship between the two evangelists wouldn’t last and they eventually went separate ways.


Although Barnabas is relatively unknown, he was a leading force in spreading Christianity. No film exists that explores the depth of his life and faith. The goal for this film, therefore, is to put together the most credible facts about his life. We will investigate historical traditions that claim Barnabas wrote the book of Hebrews, and that he was martyred in his hometown on the island of Cyprus. This will be accomplished with the help of experts who have spent years studying every scrap of evidence.


Interviews - Experts are interviewed including:


Dr. Mark Wilson. Historian, Director of the Asia Minor Research Center in Turkey.

Author, Biblical Turkey: A Guide to the Jewish and Christian Sites of Asia Minor

and Saint Paul: The Traveler and Roman Citizen.


Archbishop Georgios of Cypress. Archbishop of New Justiniana and All Cyprus.


Dr. Chrysovalantis Kyriacou. Theological School of Cypress

Author: Church Building in Cyprus and the Ecclesiastical history of Cyprus.


Dr. Claire Pfann. Academic Dean, University of the Holy Land.

Author, Protestants Encyclopedia Judaica, The Illustrated Dictionary and Concordance of the Bible. Contributor, The Comprehensive Concordance to the Dead Sea Scrolls.


Locations – Filming will take place in the following locations.


Tarsus: Home of Paul the Apostle.

Antioch: Where Barnabas brought Paul to help him to strengthen the church.

Perge: The first stop for Barnabas and Paul in Asia Minor.

Isparta: A key region for the journey of Barnabas and Paul.

Attalia: The port city from where Barnabas and Paul returned to Antioch.



Salamis: Home of Barnabas and place of his martyrdom.

Paphos: Where the Roman Governor, Sergius Paulus accepts the message.




CHRISTIANITY: The 2nd Generation

We already know the end of the story - Christianity became the largest religion in the world. But after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD, things didn't look so good for this obscure religious sect. Christ was gone, the Apostles were all dead and Jerusalem was no longer the life-giving center for the remaining followers of the faith. So how did the church survive after Christianity was outlawed? Who were the 2nd Generation Christians who fought for survival against all odds? 




Genre: Documentary

Length: 120-minutes

Completion: TBA



With the help of archaeologists and other experts, our journey will discover how the church survived after the death of the Apostles. Starting in Israel where Christianity began, we will grasp the significane of the fall of Jerusalem and the dispersion of Christians. With the guidance of historian, Dr. Mark Wilson, we will explore some of the early church sites in Asia Minor such as Smyrna and Antioch. Archaeological sites will help to illustrate the time in history when Christianity struggled to survive. Along the way we will introduce significant 2nd generation Christians who braved persecution and became martyrs for their faith.


Proposed Production Dates: TBA

Jerusalem, Israel                2 days

Antioch, Turkey                  2 days

Ephesus, Turkey                 1 day                          

Smyrna, Turkey                  2 days

Antalia                                4 days (Dramatized segments)

CAUSE - Domestic Violence


If Walls Could Talk

An awareness campaign about domestic violence called, If Walls Could Talk and a feature film set in the 1950's are now in development. The movie highlights the longstanding problem in the number one state where domestic violence is a problem. We stongly believe the campaign will finally give a voice to the woman of South Carolina and across the USA. The campaign will be used to:


  • Promote awareness of domestic violence in the Unites States


  • Educate using media and seminars in schools, universities and churches


  • Create fundraising events for advocacy organizations



Title: Cotton Butterflies (Based on a true story)

Type: Theatrical Motion Picture

Genre: Drama/Suspense

Length: 115 min

Completion: TBA

Possible Locations: TBA


Script Log Line

When a preacher's wife mysterioulsy dies, he quickly marries his lover. But his abused daughter's unwanted baby threatens his phony reputation and leads to a reckoning.


Script Synopsis

Young Darlene lives in fear wondering when her preacher father, Earle will beat her again. Her only comfort is in the love and little protection her mother can give her. When her mom mysteriously falls and breaks her neck, suspicion surrounds Earle. But the small southern 1950s mill community has learned to turn a blind eye to the “Preacher Man’s” moods. He quickly remarries his mistress and Darlene’s life becomes almost unbearable. Her stepmother destroys every vestige of her mother’s possessions and memory from their home. And when her father and stepmother have a baby together, Darlene becomes a real-life Cinderella.


At age 16, Darlene finds her escape through Sam, a young “James Dean” type who dreams of making it big. Her prince charming sweeps her off her feet and they board a bus to New York City. But she grows fearful again as shady characters come and go from their apartment. When Darlene is ordered to work in a brothel, it becomes clear that Sam has been drafted into the Mafia. With no other options, she makes the tough decision to flee back home.


Disgraced for eloping, Darlene is forced to live in a basement under her father’s house. But, when her father discovers she is carrying Sam’s baby, he puts the baby up for adoption. In a final crushing blow, Darlene witnesses her father demanding money before he’ll hand over the baby to its new parents.


Darlene’s only consolation now is found through the unconditional love of her doctor and his wife. Through their example, she learns the difference between true faith and her father’s phony religion. Finally, Darlene gains courage to confront her father and breaks free from her past. Even though she’s never allowed to see her baby or know it’s name, Darlene believes one day they will be re-united. What she doesn’t realize is that it will be twenty-eight years before she sees her daughter again.

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